Hudson Announces Notice of Proposed Shareholder Written Resolution

East Rutherford, N.J., May 11, 2020 – Hudson (NYSE: HUD) (“Hudson” or the “Company”), a North American travel experience leader with more than 1,000 stores in airports, commuter hubs, landmarks and tourist destinations, today announced the Notice of a Proposed Shareholder Written Resolution which if passed by the Company's shareholders will amend the Bye-laws of the Company with regard to the size of the Company's Board of Directors.

The amendment, if approved, will modify the Bye-laws to provide that the Board of Directors of the Company shall consist of at least seven directors and not more than such maximum number of directors as the Board may from time to time determine. The proposed text of the new bye-laws has been furnished to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) on Form 6-K and may be accessed free of charge on the SEC’s website and on the Company’s website.

The Proposed Shareholder Written Resolution will be passed when it is signed by registered shareholders who as of today (being the date the notice of the proposed resolution is given) hold a simple majority of the total voting rights of all issued and outstanding shares of the Company, provided such majority includes at least one shareholder holding Class B common shares of the Company.


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Hudson, a Dufry Company, is a travel experience company turning the world of travel into a world of opportunity by being the Traveler’s Best Friend in more than 1,000 stores in airport, commuter hub, landmark, and tourist locations. Our team members care for travelers as friends at our travel convenience, specialty retail, duty free and food and beverage destinations. At the intersection of travel and retail, we partner with landlords and vendors, and take innovative, commercial approaches to deliver exceptional value. To learn more about how we can make your location a travel destination, please visit us at

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