Our Distinction

Our distinct commercial approach guides everything we do.

We have built our business through operational excellence, financial discipline and the never-ending quest to align the stars for our customers, landlords, vendors, and employees. Our strength and ability in developing local concepts have become a distinguishing advantage. 

Superior Execution

Our General Managers know their specific landlords and have a deep understanding of the wants and needs of local demographics in their specific markets. We leverage this unmatched knowledge to deliver a differentiated, constantly evolving product offering that resonates with the local traveling public and drives sales and profitability. 

Employee helping customer at a duty free store

Impeccable Store Design & Concessions

The more accessible our stores are, the easier it is for passengers to shop. When it comes to design, we want our stores to be as visually open and approachable as possible. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) is taken into account during store layout and also plays a role in the selection of our floor materials. We want our floors to be durable, slip-resistant and smooth rolling despite the luggage, wheels, feet, dirt and product being restocked.

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Hudson constantly strives for excellence throughout its business, across all customer-facing and internal areas of the company. Along its decades of experience, this has been recognized by the outside world and Hudson is delighted and proud to have received a variety of awards which reflect its status as the leader in travel retail.

Our success has been driven by our ability to provide differentiated retail concepts and customized concession programs.

This capability is key to our strong relationships with landlords, leading to a concession agreement renewal rate exceeding 80% over the last five years.

  • Longstanding relationships and credibility
    Established relationships with airports across North America High degree of credibility based on past success

  • Superior execution
    Distinct commercial approach that generates more value

  • Design and development
    Successful track record of creating compelling customer experiences

  • Store concepts and brand portfolio
    Broad range of concepts and brands to meet needs of landlords and customers

Hudson Wheel of operations

Contact Information

  • Nieshia Ellis

    Nieshia Ellis

    Director, Coaching and Recruitment


  • Ashley Davidson

    Ashley Davidson

    Director, Corporate Communications


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    Customer Service

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