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In 2008 Hudson Group became part of the
Dufry family of companies.

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Services & Capabilities

Merchandising & Marketing
Our retail concessions adapt to popular trends and generate new revenue sources for airport and terminal owners.

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Our high level of managerial efficiency is absolutely essential when serving the needs of over 3 million travelers a day.

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Diversity & Local Support
Hudson Group proudly partners with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) to support airport concession programs.

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Design & Construction
Hudson Group seamlessly integrates our store concepts into the architectural style of your facility. Each store possesses consistent features that draw customers in.

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Financial & Legal
Hudson Group has several full-time departments working to guarantee the best possible service to all locations.

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Business Development
The lifeblood of our company is our lease agreements. Hudson Group does not own agreements long-term; they all expire on a fixed schedule..

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Cities Located
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Conscientious Operations

Hudson is also equally conscientious about its environmental friendly store design. We are dedicated to building high performance, sustainable elements into every store, from the design through construction. To reduce energy consumption, the company specifies fluorescent lighting vs. incandescent, and LED vs. neon. Energy Star appliances are specified where applicable. And storefront signage has utilized LED lighting for many years. The company has a “Green Team” that works both internally and externally to promote recycling. Hudson Group is accustomed to working with the unique operating requirements and procedures of every airport it operates in. For example, the majority of airports have very specific procedures for handling trash and recycling, and Hudson meticulously abides by these procedures and requirements, especially those involving recycling.