Tech On The Go

People depend on electronics for everything from music and movies to communications and even driving directions.

Tech on the Go offers an array of electronics with a particular focus on travelers and their needs: cell phone accessories, MP3 players, iPods and related accessories, notebook computers, portable memory storage devices, software and PC games, digital cameras, PDAs and GPS devices. Tech on the Go is the top choice for electronic and wireless technology for today's technologically sophisticated airport traveler.

The store features power and battery solutions to keep these electronic marvels working. This is the place at the airport to look for today's great electronic gear - and the juice to power them.

Tech on the Go features a broad range of brand name electronic accessories as well as a selection of moderately priced electronic devices that meet the needs of the traveling consumer. The assortment of merchandise will be from leading manufacturers such as Sony, Phillips, Panasonic, Plantronics, iGo, Skull Candy, Koss and more.

"On the Go" consumers will be looking for Blue Tooth and hands free tools, lap top necessities like cables or a mini mouse, and cell phone adaptors, batteries, chargers and more.

MP3, DVD players, Digital Cameras, and compatible accessories are designed to carry along but will also make great gifts items too! Tech on the Go will have them all and more.

Whatever today's high tech traveler needs to make their work easier or their trip more comfortable they will find it at Tech on the Go.