About Nuance

With over ninety years experience of serving travellers, Nuance is one of the world's leading travel retailers. Across the globe, we work together with our partners to create innovative retail environments offering an enjoyable shopping experience for travelling consumers. Since 2014, Nuance is part of the Dufry Group.

Our 73'000 square metres of retail space in 18 countries and territories across the globe serve more than 31 million travellers every year. In addition to our extensive portfolio of duty free and tax free stores, brand boutiques and concept stores, we also provide in-flight services and operate a wholesale and distribution business, supporting the travel retail sector. Thanks to our geographical spread, our retail expertise and our extensive distribution network, we're excellently equipped to deliver global to local approach that no-one else can.

Over ninety years experience of serving travellers

We understand the customer’s shopping behaviour and needs

Introducing exciting multi brand store concepts we engage passenger and offer them more choice across airports

We want to be an indispensable part
of our customers’ journey,
the essential stop they have to make

Our growing portfolio of mono brand
boutiques provides passengers with
a comprehensive brand experience

Retail outlets in downtown, hotels and resorts allow us to engage travelling consumers in alternate locations beyond the terminal