Warehouse Supervisor at Empire State Building


Position: Warehouse Supervisor

Location: Empire State Building

Job Summary

Supports the Operations Manager/ Assistant Manager and the General Manager to ensure that all store daily operating procedures are performed on a timely basis as required, while promoting a corporate image of excellence through a strong work ethic, leadership by example, and the consistent delivery of excellent customer service and store visual presentation. Maximizes sales through the development and supervision of sales associates.

Job Responsibilities

  • Conducts store opening/closing/ shift change procedures.
  • Provides staff training.
  • Performs all cash register preparation, float verifications, spot checks, verification of end-of-shift cash reconciliation's, and deposits.
  • Ensures that money is secured at all times and cash in excess of $500 is removed from the register for safekeeping.
  • Ensures that daily counts on cigarettes, phone cards, newspapers, and other items as required are conducted consistently and that any discrepancies are reported immediately to the Operations Manager.
  • Ensures that staff report to work on time, dressed in clean full uniform, including nametags.
  • Ensures all sales associates are aware of daily sales targets.
  • Ensures customers are greeted promptly and served by knowledgeable, well-trained associates.
  • Demonstrates effective management of customer queuing
  • Ensure telephones are answered in a consistent business-like manner and are used only for business-related purposes.
  • Ensures that all staff tardiness and illnesses are reported to the Operations Manager.
  • Ensures that sales associates are assigned daily duties and never congregate in the vicinity of the cash desk.
  • Ensures that staff is aware of procedural changes and/or other latest memorandums.
  • Has an in depth knowledge of products sold and ensures replenishment and proper rotation of stock on the sales floor.
  • Ensures all damaged goods are returned to the warehouse properly tagged.
  • Ensures that housekeeping standards are maintained (i.e. dusting, folding, replacement of burnt light bulbs, sweeping, mopping).
  • Maintains an ever-vigilant theft and shoplifting awareness and enforces cash register and other policies controlling internal shrink.

Working Relationship

  • Consults and helps plan daily activities with Assistant Manager/Operations Manager and other Supervisors; manages the activities of staff.
  • Provides supervision and support to store staff.
  • Works with on-site jobbers and sales representatives.

Knowledge, Skill and Ability

  • Leadership qualities, interactive, and approachable.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Time-management skills and multi-tasking abilities.
  • Good problem-solving skills.

Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • One or more years of retail experience
  • Previous supervision experience preferred