Brand Ambassador- Pernod Ricard- Bilingual Mandarin

Position: Brand Ambassador - Bilingual Mandarin

Location: Newark Liberty International Airport


Position Summary:
Responsible for building a relationship with the store managers and to influence Dufry’s sales staff by sharing extensive knowledge on our brands.

The brand ambassador needs to obtain knowledge of: the market, PR brands Vs competitors, categories, stock situation and customer procedures

of replenishment (store and warehouse). Sales skills are extremely important in order to influence the customer to buy our brands.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Develop strong relationships with Dufry’s sales staff, store managers and warehouse managers through day to day contact and reliable follow up.
  • Be active in the stores, interacting with customers and pushing our brands.
  • Influence store leaders to guarantee our paid space in personalized units and generic gondolas, facing competitors space and reaching leadership in store presence.
  • Collect and report daily information requested by the company (space, pricing, facing, etc.)
  • Assist with replenishment, coordinating and influencing the team in order to provide best in class execution to our brands in the airport.
  • Identify and influence the key people in the field (Commercial/Marketing area) to assist with our replenishment, space and pricing process looking for execution excellence.
  • Be responsible for execution of promotional displays, dress-up activities and tasting, guarantee successful implementation and execution of all marketing activities, assisting in all necessary activities.
  • Collect and inform on time competitors and customer’s relevant information, providing a general strategic overview of the airport environment.
  • Influence warehouse team to provide stock availability of our brands and align with upcoming promotions.
  • Be part of sales staff training, guarantee right communication with the employees and be prompt to answer any questions or doubts about the training content.
  • Be responsible for all sales staff incentives communication, presenting ideas and suggestions from the team in order to develop incentive to a new perspective in an efficiently way.

Education and Experience:
  • Undergraduate degree preferable

  •  At least 1 year of experience in the Spirits industry (preferable in duty-free)

  •  English/Mandarin (other language is a plus)